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Hammersmith Hospital

Du Cane Rd, Shepherd's Bush, London W12 0HS, UK – 020 3313 1000

Former Patient at Auchi Dialysis department & now Renal Outpatients. Unbelievable one-to-one care by the nurses & healthcare assistants. A wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding of the complexities of the comprehensive umbrella that is Renal failure and it's after affect and reaction which runs in parallel by the consultants. All other members of staff which complete Hammersmith Hospital were plesent and always keen to assist in any way they could. All of the above is undertaken on a relative shoe-string budget which without doubt has a direct affect on these members of staff. The Trust need to focus their attentions on engaging on key members of staff when identifying areas of the business to improve and other areas to reduce funding. I have witnessed many areas which require attention to improve the efficiency of the business and reducing the lost man-hours. A large push on permanent recruitment needs to be spear-headed from the top of the trust down to the wards and department where they are required the most. This drive would without question, hesitation or restructuring would be an easy route to save money due to reduction on agency workers. The new prospective permanent members of staff would add not just economic value, but more stability and efficiency to the wards and departments which they will be posted at. Well done to everyone involved.

I went to this Hospital twice, and both times good , fast and professional service.Starting with receptionist very nice and helpful to the nurse,the best NHS service so far in London!

Barnes Hospital

South Worple Way, London, Barnes SW14 8SU, UK – 020 3513 3663

Helpful and friendly staff there. A spacious place and one could feel warmly received.

Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital

Du Cane Rd, White City, London W12 0HS, UK – 020 3313 1111

Outstanding; caring professionals. I have received the best care I could imagine on arrival of our son. The midwives in the centre were excellent and delivered our baby safely although the birth was not an easy one. Post natal care in the birth centre was excellent. Even after being discharged I could count on them and give a call to a birth centre to ask for an advice when needed. We are both very grateful to all staff of the birth centre.

I had my second baby via csection at the this hospital on the Stanley Clayton ward and the experience was amazing. Dee looked after me so well and gave me so much breastfeeding support and encouragement. She was always on call, treated me with respect and dignity at all times, and was just perfect. I also think she’s a little bit magic because despite having almost no labour signs and over a week before my due date she told me 3 hours before I went into labour that she had a feeling it would happen that night! All the midwifes were excellent and it was a completely different experience to the hospital I’d had my first baby at. There was always someone on call to help either myself or the baby and they were just all such nice people. I’ve doctored then one star for two reasons: - the finance department are a shambles. They won’t return your calls and despite ignoring at least 6 messages I’ve left they continue to send me letters about an outstanding amount (which my insurer has told me is them trying to overcharge and not to pay) - secondly, my baby was born with a suspected tongue tie and the midwifes arranged a specialist lady to come to the ward with a view to diagnosing. Well this woman was the rudest person I have ever come across. She came into the room eating which I thought was really unprofessional. Before my husband and I had even said hello she pointed at my ‘Pram’ and told me it was completely unsuitable for a newborn - I mean she really aggressively told us off about it (she wrongly thought our doona car seat was our Pram but didn’t give us time to correct her). She then examined our baby and said he might have a tongue tie, might not, it might need treating, might not. Just completely sat on the fence despite being specialist in the area. Then just as she was going my husband asked her a question just to clarify we understood the next steps to which she replied ‘weren’t you listening to what I just said?’ , my husband tried to rephrase the question to which she just said ‘well if you’d listened I already gave you the answer’ and marched off! Honestly it was utterly bizarre! I don’t think we were asking a stupid question because we had listened to her intently however even if we were, she could have shown some compassion that we were new to the whole tongue tie thing and had a baby less than 48 hours prior!.Anyway we ended up seeing a tongue tie practitioner local to us who was amazing and said it was a really obvious tongue tie (she couldn’t understand how it a specialist wouldn’t have instantly diagnosed it) and properly talked us through what it meant and our treatment options. It’s such a shame because the horrible woman was just so unlike anyone else we dealt with in our time at Queen charlottes. In hindsight I wish I’d put in a formal complaint but I just didn’t want anything to detract from the precious first days with our baby.

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The new NHS website below is very well worth a look. Hospitals are not only listed but evaluated. I certainly know which ones I would go to! At the very least you will know what questions to ask if you are sent to one which has not entered its data. Good luck!
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